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CrossFit Dating VIP Matchmaker

18 Oct

Ultimatch is a matchmaking service for high performance adults. Our clients are successful financially and athletically. They are at the top of their game and they want a companion who appreciates that. Highly functioning people enjoy like-minded companions to share their passions and outlook on life. We introduce successful men and women to exciting dates as the first step in long and fulfilling relationships.

Our process sets you up for success. We discuss your wants and needs in order to thoroughly understand your personality and dreams. Along the way, we invite relationship experts to coach you to the finish line. Successful business people and athletes have the support of mentors and coaches to help them reach great heights in their careers. Success in the world of romance requires expert training as well. Our date coaching lessons teach you the craft of charm and romance.

We become deeply involved with our clients. A close relationship with our clients allows them to trust our matchmakers and open themselves up to our coaching. This prepares them to put their best foot forward during dating. This is done through extensive interviews with clients, meetings with counselors, and style consultants. It all comes together on game day when you meet that special someone.

Experience has shown that opportunity favors the prepared mind. This was the impetus behind our date coaching sessions. Most people arrive at our doorstep hungry for love but unsure how to get it. The way they have been living their Single life hasn’t produced the results they expected. So, we teach them the most powerful skills in the dating world. Then, we give them lessons they can use immediately to enjoy dating more than ever. While clients continue to date locally with the lessons they have learned, we search nationally for the greatest matches. When we introduce them to our top-notch candidates for the first time, they will be so confident that there is no possible result but success.